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Angel Festival: The Michaelinian Eminence

A n orange fruit is not an orange without its particular hue. A triangle is not a triangle without its tri-angle. And, Saint Michael College of Caraga is not SMCC without its iconic and authentic Angel Festival. The spiritually-centred festivity is etched throughout the Michaelinian Identity that is eminent all-over the surrounding community.

From a mere mass dance to the most awaited Angel Festival, SMCC does not only leave legacy on its own history but also engraves traces on the whole Nasipit municipality. People all through the whole town awaits the aberrant Michaelinian jubilance. Spectacular performances, tribunal dances, and a constant roaring audience, the Angel Festival has been a tradition that every Michaelinian and Nasipitnons hold in their hearts.

Ask students, ask teachers, ask personnel, and ask the people surrounding the school, they would give the same answer. SMCC is known for its unique, extravagant, tribunal, and most-awaited Angel Festival that only happens once a year every Foundation Week. The Angel Festival was introduced by Dr. Dennis Mausisa back in 2006. Back then, the Michaelinians were just used to the ‘Mass Dance’ type of performance during founding anniversaries. But Dr. Mausisa realized that the institution lacks spiritually-related activities. There, the ever iconic Angel Festival was established. At first, the students had quite a disagreement with the heads, they did not want to break what they were already accustomed with. However, as years passed, not only the students but the whole community fell in trance to the beat of its theme song that syncs with every thump of the enthusiastic hearts. As the people anticipate it’s commence, everyone could already feel the ‘dug dug - dug, dug dug dug dug dug’ .This renowned festivity celebrates the people’s gratefulness towards the parish saint, St. Michael.

“SMCC at 70”.

This year’s Angel Festival is yet to be the most spectacular. Due to the overflowing school population, the traditional venue, the school’s quadrangle, was not the location set. Instead, the Angel Festival was held at the Municipal gym, where a thousand of seats were filled with eager people, anticipating the performance of the participating students and personnel. Some stood diligently when there were no longer seats available, some took the stairs and few even brought their own chairs.

Each year level in every department takes part on this event. Most of them prepare a few months earlier just to give a worth-watching, jaw-breaking, and breath-taking show for people to feel the spiritual celebration. Before the actual performances, a tribute dance outside the first gate of SMCC. The contestants were given 30 seconds to execute their “Alay para kay San Miguel”. Sadly, as the elementary department started their tribute, they experienced major technical difficulties. The speakers malfunctioned which put the audience and performers to dismay. Dr. Mausisa was quick to act and encouraged the Team A of the elementary department to re-do their performance inside the school premise, in front of the stage. Everyone moved inside to have access to a better sound system. Persistence and unity still prevailed. Though the elementary students were thrown a big rock, their performed again with great passion that screams redemption. Their opposing team, Team B, also gave quite a performance, cute and adorable yet still had an impact. Following performances from different levels also experienced a hitch. Music timing was an issue, some teams did not get the chance to execute their full routine, and some even did not get to dance at all. It was a bitter moment for everyone, tense was palpable. But the show had still gone on and after all the tribute dances, people proceeded to the closing parade and Municipal gymnasium.

As the participants waited outside, bad vibes were changed into nervousness. Bullets of sweats, shaky breath, and wobbly feet, all were evidently aiming to earn the feat. Teams were motivated and ready to give it all out. The elementary department were the first to perform their piece. Though the participants were young in age they executed their routines with great revelry. The hype spiked as the Junior High School Department commenced their entries. The Grade 7, the freshman, proved that age does not determine the quality of performance. The crowd was cheering throughout their dance, they had an extravagant production and was given a standing ovation. The following entry, the Grade 9 Juniors carried with them a significant amount of visual-pleasers it was an eye feast for everyone to enjoy. The crowd was ecstatic and the performance gave nostalgia for the new grads. But, the entry of the Grade 8 students was not overshadowed by the previous performers. Their dance was distinctive, organized, and made every single individual lose their words, they as well received a standing ovation and a roaring cheer from the bleachers. The last to perform in the JHS Department was the seniors, the Grade 10 students who also did the very best they can. The Senior High School and College Department’s turn has come. Rhythmic stomping feet on the bleachers were making everyone’s heart race faster. The Senior High Students were chanting their team’s name in support to their entry. All the performances in this department deserves a million claps, smiling dancers and lively music, all they had. But the one that was most-awaited was the CTEAS’ entry, needless to say, redemption was achieved, their performance was a real crowd pleaser.

Before Msgr. Benvienido Betaizar, the School President, announced the winners. He reminded everyone that all were already winners, the important thing is everyone’s cooperation upon making the event successful. Michaelinians cheered in agreement. The winners were as follows: Elementary Deartment – Team A, JHS Department – Grade 9, SHS and College Department – CTEAS. Though some lost, everyone was still fleeting with joy, inspired by what Dr. Mausisa’s statement, ‘this is part of the Michaelinian celebration, not a competition’. Msgr. Ben was jubilant, he said SMCC was blessed with talented, skilled, and cooperative people.

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