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Core Values

S ocially Responsible

M issionary

C ommitted

C ompetent

Core Values

Michaelinian Identity

   Secured by Saint Michael the Archangel’s Sword of Bravery and Victory, nourished by the faithful acceptance and practice of the Christian teachings and guidance of the Catholic church, animated by MARY’s maternal devotion and intercession, guided by the gospel values, empowered by Christ’s life and examples - the Michaelinians of today and tomorrow are persons who are:

Socially Responsible for the respect, care, love and development of God’s creations as such at all times demonstrate and live-out their social responsibilities;

Missionaries of Christian Values, possessing a faith that is dynamic to imbibe and to proclaim and promote the Christian values, hence, sharing in the mission of Christ and of the Catholic church to make all people members of one sheepfold of God;

Committed Indivuduals and/or Leaders, likened to the faithful commitment of Jesus to His Father, thus, upholding unconditional commitment to value-filled life and actions of love and mercy;

Competent in their Chosen Field of Endeavors, performing with in-depth confidence as they exude in competence in the performance of their chosen field of endeavors.

   Therefore, Michaelinians have the identities of Social Responsibility, Missionaries of Christian Values, Committed Individuals and/or Leaders, and Competent in their Chosen Field of Endeavors, which are paramount to transform people to be person- oriented, persons of values, persons of faith and love for God, and persons of love and mercy for others.

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