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To promote culture of excellence in the areas of spiritual formation, instruction, research, extension and production


* To integrate positive values at all of education

* To offer additional technical and baccalaureate courses that cater to the needs/demands of the local and/or global market

* To design Christian formation programs that are effective and responsive to the psycho spiritual needs of the students, pupils, parents and personnel

* To make SMCC an authentic center of performing arts that promotes Filipino cultures, customs, traditions and values

* To continue the upgrading of the facilities and services for the satisfaction of its clientele

* To continually upgrade the teachers' professional and emotional growth and their quality of instruction.

* To establish harmonious linkages with the Alumni, PTCA, LGU and other stakeholders to gain support for the school development plans.

* To work for the accreditation by any recognized accrediting agency.

* Design initiatives and/or approaches that cater to the community extension and development and/or social investments.

* To conduct research for the school and community development