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Dr. Genaro Virador Japos

Genaro Virador Japos, born on the 6th of August 1961 Adlawan, Valencia, province of Bohol in Central Visayas, Philippines, is a Filipino educator and published researcher in social sciences. He is the founder of two Philippine-based research associations, the Philippine Association of Institutions for Research in 2007 and the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research in 2011 with a strong membership of 54 and 13 academic institutions, respectively, to date. Currently he works as graduate school professor and research director with the Liceo de Cagayan University, an autonomous and rated [Category B] university in the Philippines. .

Born to a family who could barely meet adequately day-by-day needs, he found his way to obtaining basic education doing odd jobs until he finished in 1982 the degree Bachelor of Arts in English, magna cum laude, at the Holy Name University in Bohol in the Visayan region. Dream-driven, he went on to pursue graduate study and finished in 1986 his Master of Arts in Educational Management at Urios College in Butuan City and eventually in 1990 his doctorate in Educational Planning and Management at Mindanao Polytechnic State College in Cagayan de Oro City. His ardent desire for increased knowledge and expanded professional engagements led him to take further studies in other fields in education and management, thus earning four more doctorates - Doctor in Management, Liceo de Cagayan University; Doctor of Education major in Instructional System and Resource Management, University of San Jose Recoletes; Doctor of Management major in Human Resource Management, University of San Jose Recoletos; and Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Transformation, Cebu Doctors University. Such academic feat is, perhaps, yet to be paralleled.

His contributions to research advancement are highly notable, bringing about dramatic and significant developments in the university he is with and in the academic community he belongs. Attributed to his directorship that has globally positioned the university in the area of research were the ISO certification of the Liceo’s Research and Publication Office, the first and only academic research office in the Philippines to obtain such certification, and the Liceo-based publication of four Asian Scientific Journals [Biodiversity, Health, Business and Governance, and Higher Education Research), among which the most prominent is the Asian Journal of Biodiversity being indexed by Thomson Reuter and rated Category A by the Journal Accreditation System of the Philippine Commission on Higher Education. Likewise, the founding of PAIR and IAMURE has revitalized research activities in the countryside through the holding of national and international research forums and the regular publication of refereed journals. Within few years from the founding of the associations, 9 national and 7 international conventions were held and 4 volumes of refereed journals, in print and online, were issued.

As a researcher, he did several studies which findings were published in refereed journals, indexed internationally, and presented in national and international conventions. A figure in research publication, he serves as member of the editorial board of refereed journals and of the National Research Council of the Philippines.